Vessel maintenance

Togetherwith a team of experts we offer vessel maintenance services across Adriatic coast.

Winter care for your vessel

  • Periodical inspections
  • Berth lines and mooring lines inspection
  • Battery charging
  • Inspection of all vital parts (bilge, engine room, porthole tightness, etc.)
  • Below deck ventilating
  • Other tasks upon request

Preparationfor the season

  • Inspectionof electric, electronic, pluming , gas and other systems on board
  • Antifouling
  • Hulland deck polishing
  • Othertasks upon request


  • Regularengine checks and service
  • Inspectionand repairs of sails
  • Inspectionand repairs of deck equipment
  • Teak deck care
  • Maintenance and repairs of biminis, sprayhoods and other canvas parts
  • Other tasks upon request

Upon our inspection of your vessel we suggest what needs to be done on your vessel according to a priority list and give you a cost estimate. You can then check the tasks you would like us to do.

Please fill out our contact form or write to us at and don’t forget to mention what kind of vessel you own, where does she make berth and which services you are interested in.

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