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AdriaLog is a location-based community web application, which allows users to access relevant information about micro locations on Adriatic provided by other users and AdriaLog Editorial Team and share their own experience on AdriaLog. This way we are creating a social network for people who wish to know and share relevant information about islands, bays, marinas, anchorages, ports and even camping sites and other touristic services along the Adriatic coast.

AdriaLog posts are tied to certain locations. If you wish to find out what others experienced where you intend to go next, simply click on that location on the map or type the name in the search bar and choose the topics you are interested in.

Please contribute

If you are an old seaman and you know certain information about places on Adriatic that could help future visitors to have a better experience, please share. Registering is easy!


As of March 2012 AdriaLog users are able to book their yachts through AdriaStore. We are working tirelessly to provide the best yachts at the most attractive locations on Adriatic and will be adding more of them as we build a community of trustworthy providers of quality yachts along the Adriatic Coast.

There are other features soon to be available as well. AdriaLog users will be able to check berth availability and reserve berths and tables at the best restaurants Adriatic has to offer.

AdriaLog SkipperCard

SkipperCard is AdriaLogs loyalty card. With SkipperCard users will be entitled to discounts with our partners and have other privileges as we develop the AdriaLog SkipperCard program. We will try to provide as useful privileges as possible to AdriaLog users, so they can have the best experience sailing or otherwise enjoying Adriatic.

SkipperCard will be offered to any user who chooses to book their yacht through AdriaStore or will use any other service provided by AdriaStore.

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Call us on our mobile number +386 40 477 390, contact us via Skype or send us an e-mail to store@adrialog.com