Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj Charter Base

Mali Lošinj Island is an excellent starting point for your cruise on a sail yacht. You can charter your yacht for the week or just for a weekend cruise. Great experience guaranteed!

Crossing Kvarner in strong winds can be unpleasant in the best scenario, very dangerous in the worst. If you’re starting your yacht charter from Mali Lošinj, this is something you don’t have to experience.

One of many advantages of Mali Lošinj as a starting point of your vacation is its unique position. The island itself and nearby archipelago has many safe and beautiful coves and anchorages which can be reached within about an hour’s sailing. You can enjoy a nice evening at anchor or tied safely to a buoy at Krivica Bay, from which you can climb to the top of Lošinj Island, where a little chapel called St. Ivan lies (a 30 minute walk from Krivica Bay). From there magnificent view towards Rovenska, Veli Lošinj, Oruda, Palacol, and Orjule Islands opens up and in good conditions even to Rab and Pag Islands.

Balvanida Bay with its fabolous cave and Plijeski Bay with turquoise clear water are also within reach on the first day of your trip. We also recommend visiting Susak Island, where you can moor at its small port or tie your boat to a buoy at Dragoča Bay.

You have numerous routes to sail from Mali Lošinj Island. You can choose to sail NW to Unije Island where three safe and beautiful bays Maračol, Podkujni and Vognišca lie and circle the islands Lošinj and Cres and see some fascinating places such as a small village Lubenice on a cliff, Valun Bay and Cres Port and countless pebble beaches on the way.

If you wait an hour for Privlaka Bridge near your Starting Point to open (it opens at every day at 9 AM and at 6 PM), you can drop anchor at Kolorat and Majiška anchorages near Punta Križa. You can then continue to Rab and Pag islands the next day and explore Ilovik, Olib, Silba, Premuda, Škarda, Maun and other islands all within a few hours sailing.

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Routes and distances

Towards East:

  • Mali Lošinj - Kolorat, Majiška, Cres Island, Punta Križa: 8.5 NM, approx. 1 hour, 20 minutes sailing,
  • Mali Lošinj - Rab Island 18 NM, approx.3 hours sailing

Towards South East:

  • Mali Lošinj - Novalja, otok Pag 18 NM, approx.3 hours sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Šimuni, otok Pag, 22 NM, approx. 3 hours, 25 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Rakovica Bay, otok Maun 23 NM, approx.3 hours, 40 minutes sailing

Towards South:

  • Mali Lošinj - Krivica Bay 7 NM, approx.1 hour, 10 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Balvanida 7.7 NM, approx.1 hour, 15 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Ilovik 10 NM, approx.1 hour, 40 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Premuda 17 NM, approx.2 hours, 45 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Silba 18 NM, approx.3 hours sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Olib 20 NM, approx.3 hours, 20 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Griparica Bay, otok Škarda 24 NM, approx. 4 hours sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Zapuntel, Molat Island 27 NM, approx. 4 hours, 45 minutes sailing

Towards North West:

  • Mali Lošinj - Koludarac 2 NM approx. 25 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Artaturi 2.7 NM approx. 30 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Liski 7.2 NM, approx.1 hour, 20 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Nerezine 8.2 NM, approx.1 hour, 30 minutes sailing
  • Mali Lošinj - Osor 10.2 NM, approx.1 hour, 45 minutes sailing

Towards West:

  • Mali Lošinj - Susak 7.5 NM, approx.1 hour , 15 minutes sailing

About Charter Base

Charter base is situated in the new Mali Lošinj marina by the new fuel station in the Mali Lošinj Bay. There is a lot of space for maneuvering and no docks that impede or otherwise make docking a hard job.

Parking is only a couple of meters away from your yacht and its refrigerator!

Why choose Mali Lošinj as a starting point?

  • Because Mali Lošinj Island itself is a great destination
  • Because of its unique position, connecting Istria and Dalmatia
  • Because of its good ferry connectivity with mainland (Merag-Valbiska, Porozina-Brestova)
  • Because you can enjoy the quiet and and beauties of Adriatic right after you set off
  • Because the fuel station is so near to the Charter Base
  • Because of numerous possibilities, you can discover and share at
  • Because of the simple and easy docking the marina provides

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